Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider
0:00 - Hello, pay your taxes, here's an iTunes review
3:55 - "Rampage" review
20:00 - "Truth or Dare" review (Snider)
26:15 - This week's DVDs, and a giveaway for Agents of the "Grease" 40th anniversary edition, and discussion of an obscure 1980s home video technology
32:00 - We travel through time back to this week in 1999
40:45 - Recap, no show next week, some preliminary talk of this year's Summer Box Office Challenge rules
Rampage: C+ C-
Truth or Dare: C n/a
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0:00 - Hello, we've begun the second half of our 800-episode community service
2:50 - iTunes review
4:40 - "Blockers" review
16:00 - Jeff has an existential crisis about his grading scale
18:20 - "A Quiet Place" review
33:20 - "Chappaquiddick" review (Snider)
40:10 - "Acrimony" review (Snider), with the Nicholas Sparks Rule in play (which means we reveal the entire plot)
58:30 - This week's DVDs and streaming recommendations
1:02:30 - Recap (including our MVPs) and good day


Blockers: B C
A Quiet Place: B+ A
Chappaquiddick: B- n/a
Acrimony: D n/a

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0:00 - Hello, it's our 400th episode AND our eighth anniversary!
5:10 - "Ready Player One" review
23:35 - "Isle of Dogs" review
28:45 - "7 Days in Entebbe" review (Snider)
33:00 - More discussion of why "RPO" didn't work for us
35:30 - This week's DVDs and some streaming recommendations
44:20 - Jeff's nephew was in town, they watched some movies
46:00 - Recap and good day
Ready Player One: C 6/10
Isle of Dogs: C 9/10
7 Days in Entebbe: C n/a
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0:00 - Hello, Jeff dooms the show to failure
1:20 - "Pacific Rim Uprising" review
8:40 - "The Death of Stalin" review
15:30 - "Sherlock Gnomes" review (Snider), and then what could happen to Michael Caine next
19:00 - "Flower" review (Bayer)
21:50 - "Unsane" review (Snider) 
26:00 - This week's DVDs are "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and "The Last Movie Star," leading to a discussion of Burt Reynolds and "Star Wars"
28:10 - How the listeners feel about the new schedule, with ideas for improvements including a Spanish episode
30:50 - What'd You Watch? ("Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice"), with discussion of separate beds and Jeff's casino plans with his nephew
36:40 - Recap and good day
Pacific Rim Uprising: C 5/10
The Death of Stalin: A- 9/10
Sherlock Gnomes: C n/a
Flower: n/a 7/10
Unsane: B- n/a
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0:00 - Hello, we have March Madness
2:20 - "Tomb Raider" review
13:00 - "Thoroughbreds" review
20:45 - "I Can Only Imagine" review (Snider)
26:25 - "Love, Simon" review (Snider)
34:10 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "Downsizing"
36:00 - What'd You Watch? ("LEGO DC Superheroes: The Flash" and "The Plague Dogs")
41:55 - Recap and good day
Tomb Raider: C+ 4/10
Thoroughbreds: B+ 7/10
I Can Only Imagine: B- n/a
Love, Simon: B n/a
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0:00 - Hello, it is Monday, here are the movies
2:20 - "A Wrinkle in Time" review 
15:10 - "Gringo" review (Bayer)
18:20 - "The Strangers: Prey at Night" review (Snider)
22:00 - "Submission" review (Bayer)
25:40 - "The Hurricane Heist" review (Snider)
33:30 - We rediscovered "The House," the Ferrell/Poehler/Mantzoukas joint from last year
40:40 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "The Disaster Artist" to an Agent, and also much discussion of corn
46:10 - Recap and good day
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0:00 - Hello, the show is on Mondays now!
6:05 - Eric won Oscar Bowling, and the Oscars were nice
14:00 - "Red Sparrow" review
19:20 - "The Party" review
23:10 - "Death Wish" review (Snider only)
27:20 - MOTM: "Wild at Heart" (1990)
36:40 - This week's DVDs, plus a giveaway of "Darkest Hour" for Agents
39:45 - Recap and good day
Red Sparrow: C 7/10
The Party: B 7/10
Death Wish: C
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0:00 - Hello, it's wintertime in Portland
3:50 - "Annihilation" review
14:50 - "Game Night" review
26:40 - "The Cloverfield Paradox" review, with discussion of seeing movies on Netflix vs at theaters
37:40 - Snider catches up with "Fifty Shades Freed"
41:10 - Bayer catches up with "Early Man"
43:00 - Snider catches up with "Peter Rabbit"
45:20 - Don't forget Movie of the Month, "Wild at Heart," which we'll be discussing next week
46:20 - Don't forget Oscar Bowling for next Sunday, leading to a funny story about seeing "Bodied" at PIFF last week, and racism, and YouTube
56:20 - New DVDs this week include "The Florida Project" and "Coco"
57:30 - Recap and good day
"Annihilation": B+ 7/10
"Game Night": B+ 8/10
"The Cloverfield Paradox": B- 6/10
"Fifty Shades Freed": D 4/10
"Early Man": n/a 6/10
"Peter Rabbit": B- 5/10
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0:00 - Hello, Jeff signed up for MoviePass
4:10 - "Black Panther" review
22:45 - "Fifty Shades Freed" review (Bayer only)
29:20 - "The 15:17 to Paris" review (Snider only)
32:50 - "Peter Rabbit" review (Bayer only)
36:50 - Eric reports on last weekend's Oxford (Mississippi) Film Festival, including "The Last Movie Star," "Cop Chronicles: Loose Cannons: The Legend of Haj-Mirage," and "Mohawk"
49:25 - This week's DVDs are "Wonder" and "Roman J. Israel Esq."
51:10 - The Portland International Film Festival begins this weekend, has some good stuff
55:00 - This month's Agent giveaways and Jeff's TSR Movie Awards, which already set somebody off
1:00:50 - Recap and good day
"Black Panther": B 7/10
"Fifty Shades Freed": n/a 4/10
"The 15:17 to Paris": C n/a
"Peter Rabbit": n/a 5/10
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0:00 - Hello, we're back from Sundance but here's a little more about Sundance, plus a Dogcat cameo
4:10 - Not much happening this weekend because of the Super Bowl
6:10 - "Hostiles" review
17:40 - Eric catches up with "The Greatest Showman" 
21:40 - "12 Strong" review (Snider only)
25:20 - "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" review (Snider only) 
30:00 - Talking about that movie evolves into a discussion of MoviePass and nice theaters, of which both Eric is a fan
33:50 - Jeff watched "Lady Bird" with his wife
35:30 - We're giving away a few novels to Agents
38:00 - Movie of the Month: "The Howling" (1981)
48:20 - Next month's MOTM is "Wild Heart" (1990)
50:10 - This week's DVDs
51:10 - No show next week, recap and good day
Hostiles: B 8/10
12 Strong: B- n/a
Maze Runner: The Death Cure: B- n/a
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