Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider
0:00 - Hello, here is an iTunes review
2:10 - "Mechanic: Resurrection" and "Hands of Stone" may or may not be real movies
5:00 - "Don't Breathe" review (Snider only)
12:00 - "Southside with You" review, beginning with a digression on BOATS and Twitter (shoutouts to @filmdrunk and @mattsinger)
19:00 - QOTW (birthday stories that would make good movies; shoutout to @jcdeleon1)
34:10 - A round of Pitch Me (shoutout to @rejects) 
41:40 - Recap, good day
QOTW: Tell us your 1 favorite and 1 least favorite movie of summer 2016.  
Don't Breathe: B+
Southside with You: B- 5/10
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0:00 - Welcome to the show; an iTunes review en español
2:30 - "War Dogs" review
14:00 - "Kubo and the Two Strings" review
20:20 - "Ben-Hur" review
30:20 - An interesting "Ben-Hur" fact
31:50 - QOTW (pre-1960 movies that should be remade, and how they would be different)
43:25 - The official conclusion of the 2016 Summer Box Office Challenge; a recitation of what Bayer's punishments will be; there is much negotiation concerning the haircut
50:50 - Recap and good day
QOTW: In honor of Eric's birthday (Aug. 26; gifts and tributes welcome), tell us a true story about one of your birthdays and we'll make it into a movie.  
War Dogs: C 5/10
Kubo and the Two Strings: B 8/10
Ben-Hur: C 4/10
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0:00 - Hello, brought to you by honest lemonade
1:55 - "Hell or High Water" review
12:15 - "Florence Foster Jenkins" review
21:50 - "Don't Think Twice" review
31:25 - "Sausage Party" review (Snider only)
38:40 - "Nine Lives" sort of review (Snider only)
43:40 - QOTW (bad movies that could be remade well)
54:00 - Recap, additional commentary, good day
QOTW: What pre-1960 movie should be remade, and how would it be different today? 
Hell or High Water: B+ 8/10
Florence Foster Jenkins: B+ 7/10
Don't Think Twice: B+ 8/10
Sausage Party: B n/a
Nine Lives: C- n/a
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0:00 - Hello, "folks"
1:00 - One of this week's movies was hidden from critics, if you can imagine
4:45 - "Suicide Squad" review
24:55 - QOTW (superhero stories that have yet to be told), including discussion of Jeff's TV snobbery
33:30 - Some more "Suicide Squad" complaining, reiteration of call for new theme songs
39:00 - A round of Character Casserole
46:50 - Recap and goodbye
QOTW: What's a bad movie that could be good if it were remade properly?
Suicide Squad: D 4/10
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0:00 - A quick hello and an iTunes review
3:00 - "Jason Bourne" review
14:35 - "Bad Moms" review
24:25 - "Nerve" review
33:15 - "Star Trek Beyond" review
37:45 - QOTW (other "bad" versions of good occupations)
48:00 - A report on birthdays, specifically the one Jeff just had
52:35 - A brief Summer Box Office Challenge update, recap, goodbye
QOTW: What superhero story has yet to be told? 
Jason Bourne: C 9/10
Bad Moms: B- 6/10
Nerve: C+ 5/10
Star Trek Beyond: B- 8/10
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0:00 - Hello; a call for new, shorter theme songs
5:05 - They only screened "Star Trek Beyond" in New York and L.A., and we don't live either of those places
6:40 - "Ice Age: Collision Course" review (Snider only)
12:20 - "Lights Out" review
19:35 - We celebrate our 1,000th review with a new searchable database! (Mark from Winnipeg helped a lot, so please check out on his behalf)
24:10 - "Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie" review (Snider only)
28:10 - Maybe we'll talk about "Star Trek Beyond" next week
29:00 - QOTW (Mt. Rushmore of sci-fi movies)
42:40 - Brief, tactful Summer Box Office Challenge update, recap, goodbye
QOTW: In the tradition of "Bad Moms," "Bad Santa," "Bad Teacher," etc., what other occupation or calling usually presumed to be good could use a "bad" version? Casting and plot suggestions welcome. 
Lights Out: C 4/10
Ice Age: Collision Course: C- n/a
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie: C n/a
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0:00 - Hello, it was Jeff's 40th birthday on Thursday
2:35 - "Ghostbusters" review
20:50 - "The Infiltrator" review
27:55 - "Captain Fantastic" review
38:10 - "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" review
43:35 - QOTW (best fictional cities to live in, with much discussion of the benefits of Metropolis and Emerald City)
1:00:10 - Summer Box Office Massacre update, an update on an Indiana Jones story, recap, goodbye
QOTW: We're voting on the Mt. Rushmore of sci-fi! Tell us your four (4) favorite sci-fi movies (in any order). 
Ghostbusters: B- 7/10
The Infiltrator: B 8/10
Captain Fantastic: B 8/10
Hunt for the Wilderpeople: B+ 7/10
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0:00 - Intro, iTunes review
4:45 - "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" review
13:05 - "The Secret Life of Pets" review
22:00 - "Swiss Army Man" review
29:10 - QOTW (wedding stories)
40:00 - We've added a perk for Patreon patrons
41:20 - A round of Interquel, which we erroneously call Character Casserole the whole time because we're idiots
47:50 - A brief, tactful Summer Box Office Challenge update
48:50 - Recap and goodbye
QOTW: What fictional town from a movie would you like to live in? 
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates: B- 7/10
The Secret Life of Pets: C- 5/10
Swiss Army Man: B+ 8/10 (B.S.-approved!)
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0:00 - Intro; iTunes review; Dogcat smokes crack
3:05 - "The BFG" review
11:15 - "The Legend of Tarzan" review
20:00 - "The Purge: Election Year" review (Snider only)
27:25 - "Independence Day: Resurgence" review
38:00 - "The Neon Demon" review (Snider only)
42:30 - QOTW (favorite Spielberg moments)
51:50 - Next week's QOTW, and some wedding talk
53:30 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
57:00 - Our new Patreon campaign
58:40 - Recap and goodbye
QOTW: What's a story from a wedding you attended that would make a good movie?
The BFG: C+ 5/10
The Legend of Tarzan: C 7/10
The Purge: Election Year: C+ n/a
Independence Day: Resurgence: C 3/10
The Neon Demon: B n/a
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0:00 - Hello, Jeff's in a mood, iTunes review
2:20 - "Independence Day: Resurgence" wasn't screened for critics in the U.S.
4:50 - "Free State of Jones" review
14:15 - "The Shallows" review (Snider only), ending with shark anecdotes
19:20 - "De Palma" review (Snider only)
22:20 - QOTW (movies from 1996 that should get sequels)
33:25 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
39:50 - What Bayer wants for his 40th birthday -- and how you can help
45:25 - Recap and goodbye
QOTW: What is your favorite Spielberg moment?  
Free State of Jones: C 5/10
The Shallows: B n/a
De Palma: B+ n/a
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