Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider
0:00 - Hello, we recorded a "Back to the Future" commentary
3:20 - An iTunes review, segueing into despair at the state of things
6:10 - "Justice League" review
22:40 - "Lady Bird" review
32:00 - We impose Senate rules to get through the next reviews quickly
32:45 - "Wonder" review (Snider only)
34:45 - "The Star" review (Snider only)
37:45 - "Only the Brave" review (Bayer only)
39:45 - "Murder on the Orient Express" review (Snider only) 
43:00 - This week's DVDs: "Atomic Blonde," "Brigsby Bear," "Wind River" (a copy of which an Agent can win)
44:40 - Reminder that the Movie of the Month is "Grave of the Fireflies," recap and good day
Justice League: C+ 6/10
Lady Bird: A- 9/10 (BS-approved!)
Wonder: B n/a
The Star: B- n/a
Only the Brave: n/a 8/10
Murder on the Orient Express: C+ n/a
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0:00 - Hello, it's November, here is an iTunes review with some constructive criticism
4:40 - "Thor: Ragnarok" review
18:20 - "Wonderstruck" review (Snider only)
24:45 - Movie of the Month: "The Great Dictator" (1940)
34:40 - Next month's MOTM: "Grave of the Fireflies" (1988)
36:00 - Nothing good on DVD this week, but we're giving away a copy of last week's "War for the Planet of the Apes" to an Agent (email us to enter) 
37:40 - "A Bad Moms Christmas" review
41:30 - No show next week (Bayer's fault), recap and good day
Thor: Ragnarok: B 7/10
Wonderstruck: A- n/a
A Bad Moms Christmas: D 2/10
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0:00 - Hello, Dylan's Halloween costume, an iTunes review, Jeff's "giggle water"
6:50 - "Goodbye Christopher Robin" review
20:00 - "Suburbicon" review (sadly, not "Subunicorn")
30:10 - "All I See Is You" review (Snider only)
34:40 - This week's DVDs
36:10 - Reminder about our MOTM, "The Great Dictator," which we'll discuss on next week's show, then recap and good day
Goodbye Christopher Robin: B 7/10
Suburbicon: B- 5/10
All I See Is You: C n/a
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0:00 - Hello, a story of a sick child (Jeff's)
6:30 - iTunes review
8:20 - There are five wide releases, of which FOUR did not screen for critics here
12:45 - "The Florida Project" review
24:00 - "The Snowman" review (Snider only), in which the Nicholas Sparks rule is applied and we reveal the entire plot
35:15 - "Breathe" review (Snider only), ending with brief discussion of Andy Serkis' upcoming "Jungle Book" movie
41:35 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "Girls Trip" on Blu-ray; recap and good day
The Florida Project: B+ 9/10 (BS-approved!)
The Snowman: D n/a
Breathe: B+ n/a
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0:00 - Hello, a behind-the-scenes story about the massage Jeff had to pay for
8:50 - "Marshall" review
22:10 - "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" review
35:05 - "Battle of the Sexes" review
43:40 - "The Foreigner" review (Snider only)
49:40 - This week's DVDs, plus we're giving away copies of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" on Blu-ray/DVD -- two copies, one to an Agent and one to a regular person!
53:50 - Recap and good day
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0:00 - Hello, what's that smell?
3:20 - "Blade Runner 2049" review
15:15 - Some other movies are out there; Snider briefly reviews "American Made"
19:40 - "Gerald's Game" review (on Netflix)
28:15 - Movie of the Month discussion: "In the Heat of the Night" (1967), including re-litigation of the Oscars. The MOTM for October is "The Great Dictator" (1940).
46:20 - This week's DVDs are "The Book of Henry" and "A Ghost Story" (which you can win if you're an Agent), and then something about dragon tails
53:45 - Recap and good day
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Blade Runner 2049: C+ 7/10
American Made: B n/a
Gerald's Game: B+ 7/10
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0:00 - Hello, it's our Fantastic Fest episode, but first an iTunes review
2:15 - We don't know anything about the new movies in theaters this week! Here are our Fantastic Fest reviews:
3:15 - "The Square" B 6/10
8:10 - "Applecart" C 5/10
10:50 - "Mom and Dad" B- 7/10
14:30 - "Tigers Are Not Afraid" A- 9/10
19:30 - "Pin Cushion" B+ 9/10
24:00 - "Bodied" A- 9/10
32:30 - "Top Knot Detective" C 4/10
35:00 - "Anna and the Apocalypse" B+ 5/10
39:10 - "The Death of Stalin" A- 9/10
46:20 - "Mary and the Witch's Flower" n/a 8/10
49:35 - "Hagazussa" B n/a
52:10 - "Wheelman" n/a 8/10
54:35 - "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" B+ n/a
58:00 - Stray thoughts on a few other movies
59:50 - Thoughts about Fantastic Fest as a whole
1:05:00 - The closing-night party, responses to the "Paul Blart 2" commentary, recap and good day
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0:00 - Hello, let's do this thing
2:00 - "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" review
13:30 - "The Lego Ninjago Movie" review
20:15 - "Stronger" review (Snider only)
28:05 - "The Wilde Wedding" review (Bayer only)
31:00 - "Brad's Status" review (Snider only)
35:30 - A little Fantastic Fest preview
45:15 - Jeff's "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2" commentary is now available
48:50 - This week's DVDs, two of which we're giving away to Agents
51:40 - Recap and good day, followed by a Fantastic Fest carol
Kingsman: The Golden Circle: C 4/10
Lego Ninjago Movie: C 5/10
Stronger: A- n/a
The Wilde Wedding: n/a 5/10
Brad's Status: B n/a
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0:00 - Hello, the existence of other podcasts and how most of them are about "Game of Thrones"
2:30 - "mother!" review
18:00 - "Okja" review (on Netflix)
22:15 - "American Assassin" is also a movie, but Lionsgate doesn't screen movies in Portland anymore
22:50 - This week's DVDs, plus a chance for an Agent to win "It Comes at Night"
24:45 - Hey, What'd You Watch? ("Silver Streak," "101 Dalmatians," "They Live")
33:10 - How you can become an Agent, where to find us online, and so forth
34:30 - Jeff teases his son's interest in "The Lego Ninjago Movie" (review next week), then the recap and good day
mother!: A- 7/10
Okja: B 8/10
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0:00 - Hello, here is an iTunes review
2:35 - "It" review
18:35 - "Home Again" review
29:20 - "Crown Heights" review
35:40 - "Goon: Last of the Enforcers" review
41:00 - "Beach Rats" review (Snider only)
44:20 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway for Agents
46:40 - Oh yeah, one more thing about "It"
49:20 - Feel free to send us comments/observations/experiences about our Movie of the Month, which is "In the Heat of the Night"
50:40 - Recap and good day
It: B- 8/10
Home Again: C+ 5/10
Crown Heights: B 7/10
Goon: Last of the Enforcers: B- 6/10
Beach Rats: B- n/a
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