Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider
0:00 - Hello! We're going to be at the Critics Choice Awards in L.A. this Sunday (airing live on A&E, if you want to watch)! We talk about what we will ask particular celebrities if they are there and we get a chance to talk to them
10:00 - "Miss Sloane" review
17:40 - More celebrities and the things we would say to them; a memory of an obscure Julia Louis-Dreyfus show; dancing monkeys
25:35 - "Office Christmas Party" review
32:30 - More celebrity conversation speculation; Michael Shannon's hands
35:50 - "Lion" review
45:35 - "Loving" review
53:30 - This week's DVDs, a little more celeb talk, recap, and good day
Miss Sloane: B+ 9/10
Office Christmas Party: C+ 7/10
Loving: B+ 6/10
Lion: B+ 9/10
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0:00 - Hello, there are so many movies in the next several weeks
2:30 - "Allied" review
11:50 - "Manchester by the Sea" review
18:40 - "Moonlight" review
27:50 - "Jackie" review
38:30 - The wide releases weren't screened; this week's new DVDs ("Ab Fab: The Movie," "Don't Breathe," "Pete's Dragon"); recap, and more musings, good day
Allied: B 7/10
Manchester by the Sea: B+ 8/10 (B.S.-approved!)
Moonlight: A 9/10 (B.S.-approved again!)
Jackie: A- 9/10 (What?? B.S.-approved!)
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0:00 - Hello, happy Thanksgiving, we hope there was no bloodshed, here is an iTunes review
5:20 - "Bad Santa 2" review
13:15 - "Nocturnal Animals" review
22:00 - "Rules Don't Apply" review
28:00 - "Moana" review (Snider only)
34:30 - Here's what's on DVD now ("Finding Dory," "Hands of Stone," "Hell or High Water," "Kubo and the Two Strings," "Mechanic: Resurrection," "War Dogs"), plus are there a million movies? There are probably a million movies
41:00 - Hey, What'd You Watch? ("Sausage Party," "Bulworth," "The Addams Family"), recap and good day
Bad Santa 2: C+ 6/10
Nocturnal Animals: B+ 8/10
Rules Don't Apply: C 4/10
Moana: B n/a
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0:00 - Hello, here are two iTunes reviews, one displeased
4:50 - "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" review
17:20 - "Bleed for This" review
22:30 - "The Eagle Huntress" review
27:50 - "The Edge of Seventeen" review (Snider only) 
32:30 - Hey, What'd You Watch, featuring retroactively B.S.-approval, "Airplane!" with millennials, "Shut In," "Almost Christmas"
43:30 - Recap and good day
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: C+ 5/10
Bleed for This: C 6/10
The Eagle Huntress: B+ 8/10 (B.S.-approved!)
The Edge of Seventeen: B+ n/a
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No show this week. Two of the three new movies weren't screened for critics, and the one that was, "Arrival," we already reviewed at Fantastic Fest. So here we are talking about it again for a few minutes, with the FF review tacked on at the end. Back next week with a real show. 


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0:00 - Hello, no iTunes review, and whose fault is that? 
2:10 - "Doctor Strange" review
12:30 - Why Jeff didn't see "Hacksaw Ridge" (it involves the Cubs, somehow)
15:20 - "Hacksaw Ridge" review (Snider only)
25:00 - An update on our oldest listener
27:10 - New DVDs this week: "Star Trek Beyond," "Bad Moms," "Nine Lives"
31:05 - What'd You Watch? (baseball, Eric's parents' visit, "The Fog," "A Woman Under the Influence")
35:40 - Recap and good day
Doctor Strange: B+ 8/10 (B.S.-approved!)
Hacksaw Ridge: B- n/a
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0:00 - Introduction, then we get right to it
1:50 - "Inferno" review
15:45 - "Ouija: Origin of Evil" review (Snider only)
21:25 - Halloween plans, and a trip back in time to the movies that were playing on Halloween 1995.
31:15 - New on DVD this week: "Captain Fantastic," "Men & Chicken," "Lights Out," "Nerve"
34:50 - A few items of housekeeping, plus some TV talk, then good day
Inferno: C 4/10
Ouija: Origin of Evil: B+ n/a
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0:00 - New theme song by Ken Kraylie! Check him out at Bandcamp and on YouTube . 
2:10 - "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" review
15:00 - "Keeping Up with the Joneses" review
21:10 - "Certain Women" review
31:30 - Discussion: how is movie-going different in other countries? What local differences are there in customs and behavior? We seek your input on this matter
37:50 - Eric saw "Kevin Hart: What Now?" and "Max Steel"
40:45 - New DVDs this week ("Independence Day: Resurgence," "Cafe Society," "The Good Neighbor")
44:00 - Hey, What'd You Watch? ("Catch Me If You Can," "Hook," "Ghostbusters [2016]"), plus the new Christopher Guest movie "Mascots"
54:30 - Closure on Jeff's dubious story about having seen "The Blair Witch Project" before anyone else, and then how he didn't like "The Ring"
57:40 - Recap and good day
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back: C 5/10
Keeping Up with the Joneses: C+ 5/10
Certain Women: B 4/10
Kevin Hart: What Now?: B- n/a
Max Steel: C n/a
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0:00 - Hello, the theme songs are back (for now)
2:30 - "The Accountant" review
10:40 - There are some other movies opening, but they weren't screened
12:50 - "Christine" review
21:30 - Listener feedback we've gotten so far, our youngest listener, and some terrible remarks about old people
<a href=""><img height="40" width="204" src=""></a>
28:05 - New on DVD this week: "Ghostbusters," "Ice Age: Collision Course," "The Legend of Tarzan," "The Infiltrator"
31:00 - The Cubs, for some reason
35:25 - Recap and good day
The Accountant: B 7/10
Christine: B+ 6/10
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0:00 - Hello, we got haircuts, Jeff is trying a beard
4:10 - "The Girl on the Train" review
16:00 - We wonder who our youngest and oldest listeners are. Are they you? 
17:15 - "The Birth of a Nation" review
26:20 - The baggage attached to "Birth of a Nation
33:35 - We need your feedback on how to evolve the show into a more powerful juggernaut. Also, Eric might become an angry alcoholic husband to Dogcat.
38:15 - A few more tidbits from Fantastic Fest, including the Satanic Panic room
45:35 - Movies out on DVD/Blu-ray/iTunes/Redbox this week
49:20 - Recap, more blathering, good day 
The Girl on the Train: C+ 5/10
The Birth of a Nation: B 7/10
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