Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider
0:00 - Hello, there are a lot of movies this week but they only screened two of them
3:45 - "The Promise" review
12:30 - "Free Fire" review (Bayer only)
18:35 - This week's DVDs are "The Founder" and "Split," and we're giving away a copy of "La La Land" to an Agent
23:15 - A round of Pitch Me, which we haven't played in a while
32:25 - No show next week, but when we come back it'll be time for the Summer Box Office Challenge (for which Jeff already has some ideas); recap and good day
The Promise: B- 6/10
Free Fire: n/a 8/10
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0:00 - Hello; the ethics of laser pointers; the abandonment of Bayer
3:50 - "The Fate of the Furious" review
19:25 - "Gifted" review (Snider only)
25:10 - "The Void" review (Snider only)
27:20 - Movie BS Agents are eligible to win a copy of "The Founder"; meanwhile, "Hidden Figures," "The Bye Bye Man," "Lion," and "War on Everyone" are out on DVD this week
33:15 - Hey, What'd You Watch? ("Paper Moon")
35:45 - Recap and good day 
The Fate of the Furious: C 4/10
Gifted: B- n/a
The Void: B- n/a
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0:00 - Hello, an iTunes review, discussion of beer ingredients, it's a bad week for movies
5:20 - "Going in Style" review
16:20 - "Colossal" review
24:00 - "Smurfs: The Lost Village," including more talk of Smurf lore than you need
32:25 - This week's DVDs ("Rogue One," "Paterson," "Office Christmas Party," "Youth in Oregon")
38:50 - Recap, another sidetrack, and good day
Going in Style: D+ 4/10
Colossal: B- 6/10
Smurfs: C- n/a
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0:00 - Hello, Jeff has a new beverage, an iTunes review from Argentina.
4:50 - "Ghost in the Shell" review (Snider only)
13:50 - "The Boss Baby" review
21:15 - "Raw" review
28:35 - "The Zookeeper's Wife" review (Snider only)
33:20 - "CHIPS" review, and Eric says just a little about "Power Rangers" (it's not good)
36:35 - DVDs this week: "Silence" (we're giving a copy away to one of our Agents), "Patriots Day," "A Monster Calls," "Why Him?," and "20th Century Women"
40:20 - Recap and good day
Ghost in the Shell: C+ n/a
The Boss Baby: B 7/10
Raw: B+ 10/10 (BS-approved!)
The Zookeeper's Wife: C n/a
CHIPS: B- 7/10
Power Rangers: C n/a
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0:00 - Hello, Dogcat brings up a good question, Jeff tells of showing Dylan "The Empire Strikes Back"
9:10 - "T2 Trainspotting" review
23:15 - All three new movies this week ("Life," "Power Rangers," "CHIPS") all screened at the same time, at the last minute, because their studios are super proud of them
24:35 - "Life" review
35:05 - "The Last Word" review (Snider only)
39:50 - This week's DVDs: "Assassin's Creed," "Live By Night," "Miss Sloane," and "Sing" (which Bayer is not a fan of)
45:00 - Recap and good day
T2 Trainspotting: B 6/10
Life: B 8/10
The Last Word: D+ n/a
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0:00 - Hello, we're not at SXSW this year
5:45 - iTunes review
8:20 - "Beauty and the Beast" review
24:50 - There's also a movie called "The Belko Experiment," we guess?
26:00 - "The Sense of an Ending" review
33:40 - "Personal Shopper" review
42:10 - DVDs this week: "Collateral Beauty," "Elle," "Passengers," and "Fences" -- and patrons can win a copy of "Fences"!
47:40 - Patreon updates: patrons are now called Agents and get free downloads of all past and future movie commentaries we record; and once we meet our goal we'll start doing a second weekly show!
51:35 - Introducing the Movie BS Cafepress store, which has golf balls and thongs!
55:30 - Hey, What'd You Watch? ("Trainspotting," "Porky's")
59:15 - Recap and good day
Beauty and the Beast: C 8/10
The Sense of an Ending: C+ 6/10
Personal Shopper: C+ 6/10
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Episode 349: 'Kong: Skull Island'
0:00 - Hello; Jeff keeps showing movies to his kid; Eric had to steer a 10-year-old away from "Kong: Skull Island"
5:40 - "Kong: Skull Island" review
18:30 - Directors getting big movies after making very small movies
21:10 - No other new movies this weekend, but "Jackie," "Moana," and "A Brand New Testament" are out on DVD; Jeff has ideas about renting and buying movies from iTunes
27:20 - Recap and good day
Kong: Skull Island: B 6/10
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0:00 - Hello, a report on our Oscar bowling  
5:25 - iTunes review, but it goes long and we have to break it up
8:20 - We have a spiffy new logo courtesy of the talented Gustavo @WikiRascals
10:30 - "Logan" review
21:15 - Bayer saw "Get Out" and makes it BS-approved; Snider saw "Before I Fall" at Sundance and gave it a C+
22:45 - "A United Kingdom" review
32:15 - More of that iTunes review
33:20 - "Table 19" review
43:45 - The last of that iTunes review
46:00 - DVDs this week include Best Picture "Moonlight" (which Jeff re-watched), "Allied," "Rules Don't Apply," "Doctor Strange" (which Jeff also re-watched), 
51:30 - Where to find us online, recap, and good day
Logan: B 9/10
A United Kingdom: B 7/10
Table 19: B 7/10
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0:00 - Hello, a correction about principal-based movies, an iTunes review
4:30 - Weirdly, Universal didn't screen "Get Out" in some cities
6:00 - "Get Out" review (Snider only)
12:50 - There are also movies called "Rock Dog" and "Collide"?
15:00 - "The Great Wall" review (Snider only)
22:45 - DVDs this week include "Bad Santa 2," "Hacksaw Ridge," "Manchester by the Sea," "Nocturnal Animals"
26:50 - The Oscars are this weekend, so don't forget to go bowling with us
30:10 - Eric reports on his visit to the Oxford (Miss.) Film Festival last weekend
38:20 - Recap and good day
Get Out: B+ n/a
The Great Wall: B n/a
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0:00 - Hello, Jeff is drinking non-water, an iTunes review, Jeff took Dylan to his first movie
6:50 - "Fist Fight" review
18:00 - "A Cure for Wellness" review (Snider only)
26:40 - This week on DVD; we watched "Muppets Most Wanted"; reminiscing about old Movie B.S. propaganda; a letter from a listener
32:10 - It's almost time for Oscar bowling!
34:30 - Recap, some undeserved shade thrown at Redbox, and good day
Fist Fight: B- 6/10
A Cure for Wellness: B n/a
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