Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider
From the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
0:00 - "An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn" review
7:10 - "Leave No Trace" review
15:50 - "Mandy" review (Snider)
19:20 - "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot" review (Bayer)
22:30 - "Beast" review (Snider)
25:25 - "Hearts Beat Loud" review (Bayer)
An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn D 3/10
Leave No Trace A- 8/10
Mandy: B-
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot: 7/10
Beast: B-
Hearts Beat Loud: 10/10
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From the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
0:00 - Hello, this is our Sundance report
1:00 - "Blindspotting" review
7:50 - "Private Life" review
17:20 - "The Guilty" review (Snider)
19:55 - "Half the Picture" review (Bayer)
22:25 - "American Animals" review (Snider)
26:05 - "The Long Dumb Road" review (Bayer)
29:50 - "Night Comes On" review (Snider), with a cameo by Vince @filmdrunk Mancini
33:40 - "Juliet, Naked" review (Bayer)
37:20 - We're enjoying ourselves so far, Eric met a listener whom we'd previously made fun of, and the drama Jeff was hoping for did not materialize
Blindspotting B+ 8/10
Private Life B 7/10
The Guilty: B+
Half the Picture: 6/10
American Animals: B
The Long Dumb Road: 7/10
Night Comes On: B
Juliet, Naked: 8/10
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0:00 - Hello, we're at Sundance but this isn't a Sundance show (yet)
1:30 - "Phantom Thread" review
11:45 - "Den of Thieves" review
19:00 - "Forever My Girl" review (Snider only)
23:00 - "The Greatest Showman" review (Bayer only)
26:00 - "Proud Mary" review (Snider only)
29:35 - We have reached a milestone
30:45 - Bayer and young Dylan saw "Paddington 2"; it is retroactively BS-approved; also some talk of the "Isle of Dogs" trailer
36:00 - A few Sundance movies (and roommate drama) that we're looking forward to
47:30 - Reminder to our Agents that we're giving away some big heavy books; this week's DVDs
49:00 - Recap and good day
Phantom Thread: B+ 9/10 (BS-approved)
Den of Thieves: C+ 6/10
Forever My Girl: C n/a
The Greatest Showman: n/a 5/10
Proud Mary: C+ n/a
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0:00 - Greetings, we make our occasional pathetic plea for iTunes reviews
1:15 - "The Commuter" review
10:30 - "Paddington 2" review (Snider only, and he gives Bayer grief for it)
16:15 - "Proud Mary" wasn't screened (boo); Eric has updated thoughts on "The Post"
18:30 - This week's DVDs
20:40 - We're giving away these big movie-art books to Agents
22:45 - We play a round of Pitch Me, where everyone's a winner
32:20 - Jeff is going/will have gone to the Critics Choice Awards with his mom, expect hilarity
34:50 - Recap and good day 
The Commuter: B- 6
Paddington 2: B+ -
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0:00 - Happy new year! We're going to tell you our top 10 lists
2:30 - Our top 10 lists
33:30 - Some other movies we liked in 2017
35:30 - Your favorite movies of last year
37:30 - The good things that happened to you last year
42:15 - Movie of the Month: "Stakeout" (1987), which we found, uh, problematic. Next month: "The Howling" (1981)
52:50 - New DVDs this week ("American Made," "Battle of the Sexes," "Brad's Status," "Breathe"), and we're giving an Agent a big book: "Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film"
55:00 - The B.S.-approved movies from last year, recap and good day
Jeff Bayer's top 10 list:
1 Raw
2 Star Wars: The Last Jedi
3 Wonder
4 Get Out
5 I, Tonya
6 Dunkirk
7 Lady Bird
8 Logan
9 Phantom Thread
10 Professor Marston and the Wonder Women
Eric D. Snider's top 10 list:
1 Dunkirk
2 Call Me by Your Name
3 Stronger
4 A Ghost Story
5 mother!
6 Baby Driver
7 Get Out
8 Lady Bird
9 Raw
10 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 
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0:00 - Hello, we had a nice Christmas (probably)
3:00 - "All the Money in the World" review
13:45 - "The Post" review
22:15 - "Molly's Game" review
32:20 - Don't forget the Questions of the Week: What was your favorite movie of 2017? And what's something good that happened to you in 2017? 
33:10 - New DVDs (not much) 
36:15 - Recap and good day
All the Money in the World C+ 5/10
The Post B 8/10
Molly's Game B 8/10
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0:00 - Hello, here is what we're doing for our Christmases
6:00 - "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" review
16:50 - "Pitch Perfect 3" review
27:30 - "Downsizing" review
36:00 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "Stronger"
40:25 - A question of the week: What was your favorite movie of 2017? And also, what was one good thing that happened in your life in 2017? So, two questions. Then the recap and good day
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle B 8/10
Pitch Perfect 3 C 4/10
Downsizing B+ 8/10 (BS-approved!)
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0:00 - Hello, there's a new "Star Wars" movie so let's get to it!
1:00 - "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" review
21:25 - "Ferdinand" review (Snider only)
27:15 - "Darkest Hour" review
37:25 - An update on the thing Patreon screwed up, which is fixed now
39:50 - New DVDs this week, including an Agent giveaway of "Home Again" with Reese Witherspoon
42:10 - Recap and good day
Star Wars: The Last Jedi: A- 10/10 (BS-approved!)
Darkest Hour: B+ 8/10 (BS-approved)
Ferdinand: C n/a
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0:00 - Hello, it's weird there aren't any big wide releases
2:55 - "I, Tonya" review
19:10 - More complaining about the release schedule
20:10 - "BPM" review (Snider only)
23:20 - Bayer catches up on "American Made," "Stronger," and "Wonderstruck," which Snider reviewed previously
28:15 - "The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)" review (Bayer only)
31:00 - Some Patreon business, plus we'll have some cool prizes for Agents next month
34:00 - MOTM: "Grave of the Fireflies" (1988)
43:00 - Next month's MOTM is "Stakeout" (1987)
45:00 - DVDs include "Despicable Me 3" and "Better Watch Out"; we're giving away two copies of "Better Watch Out" to Agents; recap and good day
American Made - 8/10
Stronger - 9/10
Wonderstruck - 8/10
Meyerowitz 7/10
I, Tonya: B+ 9/10
BPM: B n/a
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected): n/a 7/10
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0:00 - Hello, it's the holidays, here's an iTunes review
2:20 - "The Disaster Artist" review
21:30 - "The Shape of Water" review, ending Jeff getting owned
33:45 - "Call Me by Your Name" review
44:15 - Movie of the Month, "Grave of the Fireflies," is postponed till next week
45:20 - This week's DVDs are so-so, but we have a giveaway for one lucky agent: DVD/Blu-ray and CD soundtrack of this year's live-action "Beauty and the Beast"
47:30 - Recap and good day
The Disaster Artist: B+ 9/10 (BS-approved!)
The Shape of Water: A- 8/10 (BS-approved!)
Call Me by Your Name: A- 8/10 (BS-approved!)
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