Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider
0:00 - Hi, remember us? Here's what we've been up to
7:40 - We used to play games
8:50 - A round of Pitch Me
19:30 - Our favorite Mt. Rushmores
24:30 - We each choose our favorite movie from each year we've been alive
46:00 - A round of Character Casserole
57:30 - A brief history of the show
1:09:05 - Jeff tests Eric's memory on the interviews they've done
1:17:30 - We read some of the nice emails you sent us when we said we were quitting the show
1:29:20 - Wrapping up all the loose ends, recap and good day
Direct download: MovieBS-470-05-04-2020.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:51pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, and ... Good-bye. This is our last official show.
7:10 - "Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn" review
17:00 - "Downhill" review
26:00 - "Sonic the Hedgehog" review
34:25 - "The Call of the Wild" review
43:00 - Talking about stuff, Oscars
46:30 - Thank you, and good-bye

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn: B- 7
Downhill: B- 8
Sonic the Hedgehog: C+ 6
The Call of the Wild: n/a 6

This is the last episode of Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider.
We might be back from time to time with a special or special announcement.

We will be back in May for a special Summer Box Office Challenge episode.
On that show we will also be a little more nostalgic for our 10-year journey together.
If you have any comments or questions about us or the show, please email us at and we will include some of them in our May episode.

Thank you. Truly. We appreciate that you listened.

Direct download: MovieBS-469-02-18-2020.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00am PDT

0:00 - Hello, it's been three weeks since the last show
2:10 - "Bad Boys for Life" review
7:00 - "The Gentlemen" review
11:45 - "Color Out of Space" review
17:20 - "Dolittle" review (Snider only)
21:00 - "Gretel and Hansel" review (Snider only)
22:15 - Eric's Sundance report
31:20 - How to play Oscar bowling along with us
34:35 - New DVDs
35:50 - Recap and good day
Bad Boys for Life: B- 6
The Gentlemen: B 7
Color Out of Space: B- 6
Dolittle: D
Gretel and Hansel: C+
Direct download: MovieBS-468-02-04-2020.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:31am PDT

0:00 - Hello, Jeff didn't go to the Critics' Choice Awards
2:40 - "1917" review
10:40 - "Just Mercy" review
16:10 - "Underwater" review
23:00 - "The Grudge" review
28:05 - DVDs
30:30 - The Movie of the Month: Butterfield 8
38:00 - Next show is in 3 weeks, Sundance, and goodbye

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
1917: B- 9
Just Mercy: B 7
Underwater: B- 7
The Grudge: C

Direct download: MovieBS-467-01-14-2020.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:37am PDT

0:00 - Hello, happy new year, it's the '20s
2:30 - "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" review
14:30 - "Cats" review
24:30 - "Uncut Gems" review
30:30 - "Jumanji: The Next Level" review (Bayer only)
32:30 - "Spies in Disguise" review (Bayer only)
34:00 - Our top ten lists
1:02:45 - Our top films from each year of the decade
1:06:30 - Reminder about the movie of the month (BUtterfield-8), recap and good day
Top movies of 2019: 
1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
2. Parasite
3. Little Women
4. Uncut Gems
5. Tigers Are Not Afraid
6. 1917
7. The Farewell
8. Brittany Runs a Marathon
9. High Flying Bird
10. Jojo Rabbit
1. Rocketman
2. Parasite
3. The Lighthouse
4. Tigers Are Not Afraid
5. The Irishman
6. Knives Out
7. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
8. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
9. Marriage Story
10. The Last Black Man in San Francisco
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: C 6
Cats: D 5
Uncut Gems: B- 9
Jumanji: The Next Level: n/a 6
Spies in Disguise: n/a 4
Direct download: MovieBS-466-12-31-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:23am PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric is visiting Portland
2:25 - "Bombshell" review
9:20 - "Dark Waters" review
15:45 - "Little Women" review
22:55 - "Marriage Story" review
32:10 - DVDs
32:55 - Listener Danny has a marriage proposal story just like "Frozen 2"
35:55 - Don't forget to watch "Butterfly 8" on Netflix for December's Movie of the Month
36:15 - Wrap up and goodbye

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Bombshell: C+ 7
Dark Waters: B 7
Little Women: B+ 9
Marriage Story: A- 8

Direct download: MovieBS-465-12-17-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:29am PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric has a commute but still doesn't listen to podcasts
2:55 - "Knives Out" review
13:20 - "The Irishman" review
25:35 - "Frozen II" review
32:10 - "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" review
38:40 - "The Two Popes" review
48:00 - "21 Bridges" review (Eric only)
50:40 - "Klaus" review (Jeff only)
54:40 - "Queen & Slim" review (Eric only)
57:20 - Movie of the Month: "Lolita" (1962)
1:02:30 - Next month's MOTM is "BUtterfield-8" (1960)
1:05:00 - New DVDs
1:06:10 - Recap and good day
Knives Out: A- 8 (BS-approved)
The Irishman: A- 9 (BS-approved)
Frozen II: C+ 8
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: A- 6
The Two Popes: B+ 8 (BS-approved)
21 Bridges: B- n/a
Klaus: n/a 8
Queen & Slim: B- n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-464-12-03-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:57am PDT

0:00 - Hello
3:40 - "Doctor Sleep" review
14:20 - "Charlie's Angels" review
22:55 - "Ford v Ferrari" review
29:50 - "The Good Liar" review
37:20 - "Jojo Rabbit" review
44:20 - "Waves" review
48:35 - "Playing with Fire" review (Jeff only)
53:20 - "Midway" review (Eric only)
55:30 - Don't forget to watch "Lolita" on Netflix for December's Movie of the Month
56:15 - DVDs
59:00 - Wrap up and goodbye

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Doctor Sleep: B 8
Charlie's Angels: C+ 7
Ford v Ferrari: B 9
The Good Liar: B 7
Jojo Rabbit: B+ 9
Waves: B 7
Playing with Fire: n/a 5
Midway: C n/a

Direct download: MovieBS-463-11-19-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:22am PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric got himself a day job; Jeff is drinking seltzer
9:00 - "Terminator: Dark Fate" review
19:10 - "Motherless Brooklyn" review
25:25 - "The Current War" review (Snider only)
29:25 - "Countdown" review (Snider only)
32:10 - "Black and Blue" review (Snider only)
35:30 - Discussion of our Movie of the Month: "Horror Express" 
45:50 - Next month's MOTM is "Lolita" (1962)
48:10 - This week's new DVDs, and the new Disney+ thing that's happening soon
56:20 - Recap and good day
Terminator: Dark Fate: C+ 5/10
Motherless Brooklyn: B- 7/10
The Current War: B 
Countdown: C+
Black and Blue: B
Direct download: MovieBS-462-11-05-19.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:45pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, what is Jeff drinking?
2:50 - "Zombieland: Double Tap" review
13:20 - "Gemini Man" review
20:25 - "The Addams Family" review
25:20 - "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" review (Bayer only)
30:00 - What did you watch?
33:00 - DVDs
40:00 - Wrap up and goodbye

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Zombieland: Double Tap: C+ 5
Gemini Man: C+ 6
The Addams Family: C+ 6
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: n/a 6

Direct download: MovieBS-461-10-22-19.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:30am PDT

0:00 - Greetings, let's get to it
1:35 - "Joker" review
14:30 - "Judy" review
21:30 - "Ad Astra" review
27:50 - "Downton Abbey" review
32:15 - "Rambo: Last Blood" review (Snider only)
37:00 - Movie of the Month: "The Stranger" (1946)
42:15 - Next Movie of the Month: "Horror Express" (1972), to be discussed on the Nov. 5 show
43:45 - Some new DVDs came out
45:00 - Recap and good day
Joker: C 5
Judy: B- 7
Ad Astra: B 7
Downton Abbey: B 6
Rambo: Last Blood: D
Direct download: MovieBS-460-10-08-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:16pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we are no longer at Fantastic Fest, but there are more movies to talk about
3:40 - "Parasite" review
9:40 - "Why Don't You Just Die" review
12:50 - "Guns Akimbo" review
17:55 - "Knives and Skin" review
23:40 - "Dogs Don't Wear Pants" review
28:50 - "Random Acts of Violence" review
32:40 - "The Pool" review
37:25 - "Swallow" review
41:35 - "The Death of Dick Long" review
45:35 - "Wyrm" review
49:40 - Wrap up and goodbye

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Parasite: B+ 9 (BS-approved!)
Why Don't You Just Die: B 8
Guns Akimbo: B 7
Knives and Skin: B+ 7
Dogs Don't Wear Pants: B- 9
Random Acts of Violence: C 5
The Pool: B 6
Swallow: B+ 7
The Death of Dick Long: B+ 5
Wyrm: B 6

Direct download: MovieBS-459.1-10-01-19.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:14pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we are Fantastic Fest, Jeff is dressed like Peter Pan, a lot of movies here belong to Netflix
4:20 - "In the Shadow of the Moon" review
11:40 - "VHYes" review
17:05 - "Butt Boy" review
24:00 - "The Platform" review
29:50 - "Fractured" review
33:35 - "Dolemite Is My Name" review
41:10 - Eric doesn't want to talk about "Jallikkattu"
42:00 - "Synchronic" review
46:00 - "The Lighthouse" review
52:50 - More general discussion, recap and good day
In the Shadow of the Moon: B- 6
VHYes: B+ 7
Butt Boy: B- 6
The Platform: B+ 8
Fractured: C+ 5
Dolemite Is My Name: B 8
Synchronic: B 6
The Lighthouse: B+ 8
Direct download: MovieBS-459-09-24-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:01pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric has moved
3:25 - "It Chapter Two" review
16:40 - "Tigers are not Afraid" review
25:50 - "Official Secrets" review (Bayer only)
33:00 - September's Movie of the Month ("The Stranger") is now October's Movie of the Month
33:30 - Eric went to the Telluride Film Festival
52:50 - Fantastic Fest Preview
1:09:00 - DVD releases
1:12:00 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
It Chapter Two: C 6
Tigers are not Afraid: A- 9
Official Secrets: N/A 7

Direct download: MovieBS-458-09-10-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:13pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, it's Eric's birthday, here's an iTunes review
3:20 - "Good Boys" review
13:10 - "The Angry Birds Movie 2" review
20:15 - "Ready or Not" review
26:00 - "Angel Has Fallen" review
34:10 - "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" review
41:45 - "47 Meters Down: Uncaged" review (Snider only) 
44:20 - The final results of the Summer Box Office Challenge, and a change to next year's game
50:00 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "Godzilla: King of the Monsters"
52:50 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Good Boys: B B
The Angry Birds Movie 2: B+ C+
Ready or Not: B B
Angel Has Fallen: C- C
Where'd You Go, Bernadette?: C C+
47 Meters Down: Uncaged: C+
Direct download: MovieBS-457-08-26-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:06pm PDT

0:00 - Hello
2:40 - "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw" review
16:40 - "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" review
25:50 - "Dora and the City of Lost Gold" review
34:50 - "The Kitchen" review
43:55 - "The Art of Racing in the Rain" review
51:00 - "Them That Follow" review
58:50 - Summer Box Office Business
1:02:00 - DVD Giveaways of "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu" and "The Hustle"
1:03:45 - July's Movie of the Month "She's Gotta Have It"
1:13:55 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw: C+ B-
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: B B-
Dora and the City of Lost Gold: B- B
The Kitchen: B- C+
The Art of Racing in the Rain: C C
Them That Follow: C+ B

Direct download: MovieBS-456-08-12-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:53pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Jeff is in Iowa at the moment, Eric is getting ready to move, but there are still movies to talk about
4:40 - "The Lion King" review
18:50 - "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" review
33:45 - "The Art of Self-Defense" review (Eric only)
38:40 - Summer Box Office Challenge update: all of Eric's movies have opened; we're just waiting on Jeff's last four
42:20 - This week's DVD releases (including an Agent giveaway of "Shazam!"
45:00 - Hey, What'd You Watch? ("Semi-Pro," "Borat," a couple of bad 1981 slasher movies)
51:00 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
The Lion King: C B-
Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood: B+ A- (BS-approved!)
The Art of Self-Defense: B
Direct download: MovieBS-455-07-29-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:49pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and Eric worked a wedding and Jeff had a birthday
6:30 - "Spider-Man: Far From Home" review
18:50 - "Midsommar" review
31:15 - "Stuber" review
40:30 - "Crawl" review
51:45 - "The Dead Don't Die" review
55:20 - Summer Box Office Business & DVDs
1:04:00 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Spider-Man: Far From Home: B B
Midsommar: B B
Stuber: C+ B-
Crawl: B B-
The Dead Don't Die: C C-

Direct download: MovieBS-454-07-15-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:02pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Jeff is back from Spain, and the show is going bi(-weekly)
5:30 - "Toy Story 4" review
18:10 - "Late Night" review
26:10 - "Annabelle Comes Home" review (the rest of these are Eric only)
29:30 - "Men in Black: International" review
30:55 - "Child's Play" review
33:50 - "Shaft" review
36:00 - "Anna" review
37:00 - "Yesterday" review
43:00 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
47:10 - Some DVDs come out this week, but not many
48:15 - Movie of the Month discussion: "Freebie and the Bean" (1974)
56:45 - July's MOTM is "She's Gotta Have It" (1986), which we'll discuss on the first show of August
58:10 - Some more chit-chat about movies or whatever
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Toy Story 4: B B
Late Night: C C-
Men in Black: International: C
Child's Play: C
Annabelle Comes Home: B
Yesterday: B-
Shaft: D+
Anna: C
Direct download: MovieBS-453-07-01-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:07pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and it's a night show because of Jeff's insane trip!
5:05 - "The Secret Life of Pets 2" Dylan Bayer review
10:15 - "The Secret Life of Pets 2" review
18:35 - "Dark Phoenix" review
27:30 - Summer Box Office Business, DVDs, and giveaways ("Us" and "Wonder Park")
30:00 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
The Secret Life of Pets 2: B- B-
Dark Phoenix: C- B-

Direct download: MovieBS-452-06-10-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:23pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, here's an iTunes review
2:00 - "Rocketman" review
18:10 - "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" review
26:45 - "Aladdin" review
36:10 - We worry about "The Lion King"
37:30 - "Booksmart" review
47:00 - "Brightburn" review (Eric only) 
50:15 - "Ma" review (Eric only)
53:20 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
58:10 - Movie of the Month discussion: "The Lost Weekend" (1945)
1:08:00 - This month's MOTM is "Freebie and the Bean" (1974); we'll discuss it on the first show in July
1:09:30 - This week's DVDs, and a giveaway of "Isn't It Romantic" for Agents
1:11:15 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Rocketman: A- B+ (BS-approved!)
Godzilla: King of the Monsters: C C-
Aladdin: C C
Booksmart: B+ B+ (BS-approved!)
Brightburn: B-
Ma: C+
Direct download: MovieBS-451-06-03-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:40pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and talk of Jeff's Coke drinks
2:50 - "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" review
15:50 - "Wine Country" review
21:30 - "Trial By Fire" review
27:10 - "A Dog's Journey"
34:10 - "The Sun is Also a Star"
39:10 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
41:30 - DVDs
42:00 - Tim Conway's "The Private Eyes"
44:40 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum: B B+
Wine Country: B- B
Trial By Fire: C B-
A Dog's Journey: C- n/a
The Sun is Also a Star: B- n/a

Direct download: MovieBS-450-05-20-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:03pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, it's a nice day, Jeff's house is old
2:30 - "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu" review
12:50 - "The Hustle" review
22:20 - "The Head Hunter" review
27:00 - "Poms" review
32:30 - Summer Box Office Challenge update and housekeeping, including a replacement for one of Jeff's movies that got bumped from the schedule
37:55 - Don't forget the movie of the month: "The Lost Weekend" (1945). We'll discuss it on the 6/3 show
38:35 - This week's DVDs
39:25 - We re-watched "Observe and Report" (2009) and have things to say about it
43:20 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Pokemon: Detective Pikachu: C+ C
The Hustle: B- B
Poms: D n/a
The Head Hunter: B- B+
Direct download: MovieBS-449-05-13-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:16pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and Summer Box Office Challenge Chat
3:45 - "Long Shot" review
16:50 - "Amazing Grace" review
26:10 - "Uglydolls" review (Eric only)
31:30 - "The Intruder" (Eric only) Sparks Treatment
42:50 - DVDs
44:00 - Movie of the Month Club for May - "The Lost Weekend"
45:25 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Long Shot: B+ B+
Amazing Grace: A- A-
Uglydolls: C+ n/a
The Intruder: C- n/a

Direct download: MovieBS-448-05-06-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:52pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, here is an iTunes review
2:35 - "Avengers: Endgame" review
16:55 - "Family" review
23:00 - "High Life" review
28:30 - "Wild Nights with Emily" review
33:30 - This week's DVDs, and an Agent giveaway
35:10 - The Summer Box Office Challenge draft
47:00 - The stakes of this year's contest
50:30 - Recap and good day
Avengers: Endgame: B B+
Family: B B
High Life: B+ B+ (BS-approved!)
Wild Nights with Emily: B B+
Direct download: MovieBS-447-04-29-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:46pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, it's tax season, Eric is moving in August (but the show will go on)
6:00 - "Hellboy" review
15:20 - "Missing Link" review
22:40 - "Little" review (Eric only)
29:05 - Housekeeping items
33:20 - DVDs
34:50 - Hey, What'd You Watch ("Duck Soup," "My Name Is Julia Ross")
39:30  - No show next week, recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Hellboy: C- C+
Missing Link: B- B-
Little: C n/a

Direct download: MovieBS-446-04-15-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:26pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric joined the Bayers for family bowling, nearly defeated the children (who cheated) 
3:35 - "Shazam!" review
12:00 - "Pet Sematary" review
20:50 - "The Best of Enemies" review (Eric only)
27:15 - "Unplanned" review (Eric only), discussion of propaganda
32:25 - This week's DVDs
35:25 - Recap and good day
Shazam!: B- B+
Pet Sematary: C+ C-
The Best of Enemies: C+
Unplanned: C-
Direct download: MovieBS-445-04-08-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:32pm PDT

0:00 - Hello
1:25 - "Dumbo" review
15:45 - "The Highwaymen" review
24:20 - "Hotel Mumbai" review (Jeff only)
26:45 - "Beach Bum" review (Eric only)
30:35 - Jeff and Eric watched "A Boy and His Dog"
35:05 - DVDs and a giveaway
42:00 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Dumbo: D+ C-
The Highwaymen: B B
Hotel Mumbai: n/a B-
Beach Bum: C n/a

Direct download: MovieBS-444-04-01-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:24pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric finally has opinions about Jeff's hair
2:45 - "Us" review
17:00 - "The Dirt" review (Jeff only)
20:50 - Eric saw "Starfish" but only sorta reviews it now because it's doing road show screenings now and will be on VOD in May and Eric will review it for real then
23:20 - "Giant Little Ones" review (Eric)
26:00 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "Glass"
29:40 - We open up the ol' Mailbag for comments about moviegoing in Japan, and talk of foreign countries we've visited
35:50 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Us: B B+
The Dirt: n/a B-
Giant Little Ones: B- n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-443-03-25-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:07pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we talk about Gwyneth Paltrow
2:40 - "Wonder Park" review
16:50 - "Relaxer" review
26:35 - "Captive State" review
33:30 - Netflix talk
36:40 - "Triple Frontier" review
46:20 - "Five Feet Apart" (Eric only) review
51:05 - DVDs and a giveaway
56:35 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Wonder Park: D+ B
Relaxer: B+ B
Captive State: B C+
Triple Frontier: C C+
Five Feet Apart: B- n/a

Direct download: MovieBS-442-03-18-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:28pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, chit-chat
2:05 - "Captain Marvel" review 
13:25 - We talk about the other Captain Marvel, who's also called Shazam now
15:35 - "A Madea Family Funeral" review
26:30 - "Greta" review (Eric only)
28:35 - Luke Perry remembered
33:30 - This week's (and last week's) DVD releases
35:30 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff): 
Captain Marvel: B- B+
A Madea Family Funeral: D D
Greta: C n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-441-03-11-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:22pm PDT

0:00 - Hello
2:00 - "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" review
10:30 - "Fighting With My Family" review
16:00 - "High Flying Bird" review
20:30 - Jeff finally saw "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"
27:35 - DVDs and giveaways
29:05 - We watched the Oscars
38:15 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World: B- B-
Fighting With My Family: B- B
High Flying Bird: B A-

Direct download: MovieBS-440-02-25-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:50am PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric has been traveling a lot lately but now he is home
2:25 - "Happy Death Day 2U" review
10:10 - "Alita: Battle Angel" review
20:30 - "Isn't It Romantic" review (Eric only)
25:10 - "What Men Want" review (Eric only) 
28:40 - Eric caught up with "Cold Pursuit," mostly agreed with Jeff
31:30 - "Mega Time Squad" review (Eric only)
35:30 - This week's DVDs
36:30 - The upcoming Oscars, and how to play Oscar Bowling
41:00 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff): 
Happy Death Day 2U: B B-
Alita: Battle Angel: C+ B-
Isn't It Romantic: B n/a
What Men Want: C+ n/a
Cold Pursuit: C C
Mega Time Squad: B n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-439-02-18-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:02pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Sundance is over, "Cheers," and the Super Bowl
1:35 - "The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part" review
8:20 - "The Prodigy" review (Eric only)
11:45 - "Cold Pursuit" review (Jeff only)
21:40 - "The Kid Who Would Be King (Jeff only)
15:55 - "Serenity" (Nicholas Sparks Treatment)
27:30 - DVDs and giveaways
29:00 - Jeff finally saw "Love, Simon" and "A Simple Favor"
31:25 - Eric went to the Oxford Film Festival
35:10 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part: B+ B+
The Prodigy: B- n/a
Cold Pursuit: n/a C
Serenity: D C

Retroactive Grades:
The Kid Who Would Be King: B+ (Eric)
Love, Simon: B+ (Jeff)
A Simple Favor: B (Jeff)

Direct download: MoviesBS-438-02-11-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:38pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Sundance is over, "Cheers," and the Super Bowl
6:40 - "The Farewell" review
11:30 - "The Nightingale" review (Eric only)
17:55 - Sundance chat
21:40 - "The Kid Who Would Be King (Jeff only) 
25:15 - New DVDs and giveaways
27:35 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
The Farewell: B+ A-
The Nightingale: B+ n/a
The Kid Who Would Be King: n/a B+

Direct download: MovieBS-437-02-04-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:46pm PDT

0:00 - We're a bit tired because we had a party last night
2:00 - "Animals" review
6:30 - A guy who was taller than Jeff was at the party, and now they're best friends
8:30 - "Sweetheart" review
13:30 - "Judy and Punch" review (Jeff only)
16:15 - Eric almost talks about a movie but doesn't
16:45 - "Blinded by the Light" review (Jeff only)
18:25 - Eric almost talks about a movie again, still doesn't; good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff): 
Animals: B B
Sweetheart: B+ B
Judy & Punch: n/a C
Blinded by the Light: n/a C
Direct download: MovieBS-436.3-01-30-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:42pm PDT

0:00 - Hi, it's still Sundance
0:45 - "Little Monsters" review
8:20 - "Greener Grass" review
12:35 - "Sister Aimee" review
17:40 - "The Sound of Silence" review (Jeff only)
20:00 - "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile" review (Eric only)
24:10 - Jeff saw David Arquette, Eric saw some deer, and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff): 
Little Monsters: B+ C
Greener Grass: B C
Sister Aimee: B B+
Sound of Silence: n/a B
Extremely Wicked B- n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-436.2-01-28-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:35pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric is attending his 20th Sundance
3:30 - "Honey" review
11:00 - "The Lodge" review
16:50 - "Troop Zero" (Eric only) review
20:32 - "Paddleton" (Jeff only) review
22:55 - "The Hole in the Ground" (Eric only) review
26:10 - "After the Wedding" (Jeff only) review
30:15 - "Share" (Eric only) review
33:15 - Sonja: The White Swan" (Jeff only)
37:50 - Bye

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Honey Boy: B B+
The Lodge: B- C+
Troop Zero: B+
Paddleton: B
The Hole in the Ground: B
After the Wedding: B
Share: B
Sonja: The White Swan: B

Direct download: MovieBS-436.1-01-26-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:03pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, there was only one new movie this weekend and that's not our fault
2:00 - Glass review
3:00 - "Glass" review
18:30 - Oh wait, there was also a "Dragon Ball" movie, but who cares? Here are some other good movies currently in theaters
20:45 - We're going to Sundance! Here are some movies we're looking forward to
40:45 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "First Man"
44:25 - More chit-chat, recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff): 
Glass: B, B
Direct download: MovieBS-436-01-21-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:48pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and welcome and Jeff went to the Critics' Choice Awards
6:20 - "Escape Room" review
14:40 - "A Dog's Way Home" review
24:15 - "The Upside" review
33:50 - "Bird Box" review
41:40 - "Mary Queen of Scots" review
49:00 - "Replicas" review (Eric only with the Sparks Treatment)
1:02:40- Giveaway: "Halloween"
1:04:05 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Escape Room: B- B
A Dog's Way Home: B- D+
The Upside: D B
Bird Box: B+ B+
Mary Queen of Scots: B A-
Replicas: D

Direct download: MovieBS-435-01-14-2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:15pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, happy new year, here's an iTunes review
3:00 - Preamble to the top 10 lists
6:00 - Our top 10 lists
41:30 - Other good movies that weren't on our lists
44:40 - "Aquaman" review
49:15 - "Bumblebee" review
53:00 - "Holmes & Watson" review
57:40 - "Stan & Ollie" review
1:03:50 - Recap and good day -- oh, and no show next week
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff): 
Aquaman: B- C+
Bumblebee: B B
Holmes & Watson: C+ C-
Stan & Ollie: B+ B+ (BS-approved!)
Jeff Bayer's top 10: 
1) Hereditary
2) BlackKklansman
3) The Favourite
4) Hearts Beat Loud
5) A Quiet Place
6) Tully
7) Bodied
8) First Man
9) Widows
10) Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Eric D. Snider's top 10:
1) Hereditary
2) The Favourite
3) The Death of Stalin
4) Bodied
5) Leave No Trace
6) Eighth Grade
7) The Rider
8) Paddington 2
9) Can You Ever Forgive Me?
10) Blindspotting
Direct download: MovieBS-434-12-31-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:05pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and welcome
1:45 - "Vice" review
11:50 - "On the Basis of Sex" review
19:25 - "Destroyer" review
24:15 - "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" review
33:50 - "At Eternity's Gate" review (Eric only)
36:00 - New on DVD
37:20 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Vice: B- A
On the Basis of Sex: B B-
Destroyer: B+ B
Can You Ever Forgive Me?: B+ A-
At Eternity's Gate: C

Direct download: MovieBS-433-12-24-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00am PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric had a Christmas party, Jeff doesn't know the words to songs
5:15 - "Spider-Man: Welcome to the Spider-Verse" review
17:10 - "Mary Poppins Returns" review
27:40 - "The Mule" review (Snider)
34:10 - "If Beale Street Could Talk" review
39:50 - "Mortal Engines" review (Snider)
43:20 - This week's DVDs
44:20 - Mailbag: more obscure Christmas movies
48:10 - Recap and preview of next week and good day
Spider-Man: A- A- (BS-approved)
Mary Poppins Returns: B B
The Mule: C+ -
If Beale Street Could Talk: B B+
Mortal Engines: C -
Direct download: MovieBS-432-12-17-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:27pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and welcome
3:40 - "Roma" review
18:25 - "Wildlife" review
23:50 - "Beautiful Boy" review
31:25 - "Ben is Back" review
37:50 - "Boy Erased" review
50:40 - "Vox Lux" review
59:20 - New on DVD
1:00:00 - "Anna and the Apocalypse" review
1:03:20 - Recap and good day

Direct download: MovieBS-431-12-10-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:59pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric saw "The Possession of Hannah Grace" but you don't need to
2:00 - "Green Book" review
17:30 - "The Favourite" review
32:15 - "The Front Runner" review
38:40 - "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" review
47:00 - This week's new DVDs
48:00 - Questions from the mailbag: obscure Christmas movies; actors we hate in movies we like; where our people are from
1:01:20 - Follow-up on suggestions for our 14-year-old listener's one R-rated movie he gets to watch
1:06:20 - Recap and good day
Green Book: B- A-
The Favourite: A- A (BS-approved)
The Front Runner: B- B-
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs: B+ B+ (BS-approved!)
Direct download: MovieBS-430-12-03-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:53pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and welcome
5:20 - iTunes review
6:40 - "Creed II" review
17:45 - "Ralph Breaks the Internet" review
23:15 - "Robin Hood" (Snider only) review
31:30 - "Instant Family" review (Snider only)
38:05 - New on DVD
40:00 - Jeff & Eric answer a young listener's question
47:20 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Creed II: B- B-
Ralph Breaks the Internet: B- B
Robin Hood: C
Instant Family: B+

Direct download: MovieBS-429-11-26-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:19pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Jeff can't really talk but is doing it anyway
3:00 - "Widows" review
14:00 - "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" review
24:50 - "The Girl in the Spider's Web" review
28:30 - "The Grinch" review
34:35 - Dylan LOVED "The Grinch" 
36:00 - This week's and last week's DVDs
38:40 - We're coming up on the holiday movie season, which includes another "Robin Hood"; our Thanksgiving plans and traditions; recap and good day
Widows: B+ A- (BS-approved!)
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: C- C+
The Girl in the Spider's Web: C C-
The Grinch: B- B
Direct download: MovieBS-428-11-19-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:54am PDT

0:00 - Hello and welcome and facial hair
5:00 - iTunes review
7:45 - "Bohemian Rhapsody" review
17:25 - "Burning" review
27:05 - "Hunter Killer" (Snider only) review
30:55 - "Johnny English Strikes Again" review (Snider only)
32:10 - "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms" review (Bayer only)
37:15 - "Nobody's Fool" review (Snider only)
43:40 - New on DVD
47:10 - Hey Eric, What Did You Watch?
51:30 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Bohemian Rhapsody: C C-
Burning: B- C-
Hunter Killer: B-
Johnny English Strikes Again: C
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: B-
Nobody's Fool: C-

Direct download: MovieBS-427-11-05-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:40pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we're not doing a show next week so we can spend the holiday with our families, but here's an iTunes review
3:20 - We talk about the original "Halloween" first
7:30 - "Halloween" review
20:40 - "The Oath" review
28:30 - "Free Solo" review
36:15 - "Mid90s" review
43:00 - "The Hate U Give" review (Snider) 
46:15 - This week's DVDs, and Agents could win a copy of "BlacKkKlansman"
48:00 - Eric fulfilled his final obligation for losing the Summer Box Office Challenge, and it was fine
50:30 - Recap and good day
Halloween: B- B+
The Oath: B- B
Free Solo: B+ B
Mid90s: B B
The Hate U Give: B- n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-426-10-22-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:00pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and welcome
1:50 - "First Man" review
15:40 - "Bad Times at the El Royale" review
24:35 - "The Sisters Brothers" review
30:00 - "Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween" review (Snider only)
34:30 - "Jane and Emma" review (Snider only)
37:30 - New on DVD
38:30 - Mailbag question
44:10 - Eric had to watch "American Flyers"
50:50 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
First Man: B A-
Bad Times at the El Royale: B B
The Sisters Brothers: B B+
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween: B-
Jane and Emma: B

Direct download: MovieBS-425-10-15-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:08pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, let's get to it
1:00 - "A Star Is Born" review
15:10 - "Venom" review
22:30 - "Little Women" mini-review (Snider only)
25:40 - This week's DVDs, including a couple that Agents can win
28:40 - Eric's report on the Dr. Pimple Popper videos Jeff made him watch
41:30 - "What About Dick" on Netflix, an Eric Idle-conceived "radio play"; we also watched "Aladdin"
46:45 - Recap and good day
A Star Is Born - B+ B+ (BS-approved)
Venom - C C-
Direct download: MovieBS-424-10-08-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:46pm PDT

You can listen to this by itself, but it also works as an audio commentary to listen to while you watch the video of the event:

Direct download: Bonus_BS__Erics_Puke__Explode_victory.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:41pm PDT

0:00 - Hello
1:50 - "The House with the Clock in Its Walls" review
10:00 - "Smallfoot" review
17:20 - "Hell Fest" review (Snider only)
21:25 - "Night School" review (Snider only)
28:25 - Fantastic Fest Film Reviews
49:25 - Mailbag question and the film "Deadly Games"
54:45 - New on DVD
56:30 - Eric discusses his Puke & Explode event
1:00:20 - Good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
The House with the Clock in Its Walls: B B
Smallfoot: B B
Hell Fest: B-
Night School: D+

Fantastic Fest Films
The Perfection: B+ B-
The Night Comes For Us: B- B+
Border: B B+
The World is Yours: B+ B+

Direct download: MovieBS-423-10-01-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:18pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we're at Fantastic Fest, Eric cut himself shaving and also wore a singlet for three days; here are our reviews so far:
6:30 - "Donnybrook" 
11:50 - "Keep an Eye Out"
17:45 - "Chained for Life" 
24:20 - "One Cut of the Dead"
33:10 - "Hold the Dark" 
41:30 - "Suspiria"
50:25 - A few other movies that one of us saw that we hope the other one will see so we can talk about them; general Fantastic Fest discussion; recap and good day
Donnybrook: B B
Keep an Eye Out: B+ B
Chained for Life: B+ B+ (BS-approved!)
One Cut of the Dead: B+ B
Hold the Dark: B B-
Suspiria: B B-
Direct download: MovieBS-422-09-24-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:47am PDT

0:00 - Hello, let's get to it
1:20 - "The Predator" review
14:20 - "White Boy Rick" review
24:10 - "A Simple Favor" review (Snider) 
29:00 - This week's DVDs, plus a giveaway of "Solo: A Star Wars Movie" for Agents
31:20 - We watched "The Endless" on iTunes, but Jeff had seen it before
39:30 - What we're looking forward to at Fantastic Fest
48:10 - Recap and good day
The Predator: B- C
White Boy Rick: B+ A- (BS-approved)
A Simple Favor: B n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-421-09-17-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:31pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we took a week off, now we are back
2:00 - "Peppermint" review
8:35 - "Searching" review
17:15 - "We the Animals" review
22:30 - "Kin" review
30:10 - "Operation Finale" review (Snider)
33:45 - "The Nun" review (Snider)
37:45 - Eric's brief Telluride report, including hanging out with Emma Stone
52:00 - New DVD releases, including a giveaway of "Hereditary" for Agents
54:00 - Update on the Fantastic Fest punishments Eric will endure for losing the Summer Box Office Challenge
1:00:50 - Recap and good day
Peppermint: C B-
Searching: B- B  
We the Animals: A- B
Kin: C C
Operation Finale: B n/a 
The Nun: C+ n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-420-09-10-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:34pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric and Jeff went to a wedding, and an iTunes review
6:00 - "The Happytime Murders" review
15:20 - "A-X-L" review (Snider only)
19:10 - "Papillon" review (Snider only)
23:25 - The Summer Box Office Challenge review, and Eric's first challenge
37:40 - A listener asks a question
44:05 - New on DVD, plus a 5-movie Jack Ryan giveaway
47:25 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
The Happytime Murders: C- B-
A-X-L: B-
Papillon: B

Direct download: MovieBS-419-08-27-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:01pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, summer's almost over, we like August, here's an iTunes review
4:45 - "Crazy Rich Asians" review
17:30 - "Alpha" review
26:30 - "Mile 22" review (Snider)
32:40 - "Far from the Tree" (Bayer)
37:30 - This week's DVDs
40:20 - Hey, What'd You Watch? ("Papillon," "Harry and the Hendersons")
46:00 - Recap, more on "Harry and the Hendersons," things that make Jeff cry, and good day
Crazy Rich Asians: B A-
Alpha: B B-
Mile 22: D+ n/a
Far from the Tree: n/a B
Direct download: MovieBS-418-08-20-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:30pm PDT

0:00 - Hello and an iTunes review
3:15 - "The Meg" review
13:40 - "BlacKkKlansman" review
25:35 - "Sorry to Bother You" review (from Sundance '18)
31:30 - "Slender Man" review (Snider only)
33:55 - "Dog Days" review (Snider only)
39:15 - The Summer Box Office Challenge is over
42:10 - New on DVD, plus an "Avengers: Infinity War" giveaway
45:20 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
The Meg: C+ C+
BlacKkKlansman: B+ A-
Sorry to Bother You: B 7/10
Slender Man: F
Dog Days: B-

Direct download: MovieBS-417-08-13-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:07pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric eats salads
2:40 - "Christopher Robin" review
12:20 - "The Spy Who Dumped Me" review
26:00 - "Eighth Grade" review
38:40 - "The Darkest Minds" review (Snider only)
44:50 - Summer Box Office Challenge Update
47:50 - New on DVD, plus Jeff rewatched "Avengers: Infinity War"
50:40 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Christopher Robin: C B-
The Spy Who Dumped Me: C+ C+
Eighth Grade: A- A-
The Darkest Minds: C+

Direct download: MovieBS-416-08-06-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:34pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, let's get to it!
1:30 - "Mission: Impossible -- Fallout" review
20:20 - Eric gathered a lot of "Mission: Impossible" statistics
36:30 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
41:00 - "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" review (Eric)
45:00 - We told you this week's DVDs last week, whoops; recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Mission: Impossible -- Fallout: B+ B
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies: B- n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-415-07-30-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:58pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric is back from Montreal, here's an iTunes review
2:40 - "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" review
19:55 - "The Equalizer 2" review (Eric)
24:50 - "Unfriended: Dark Web" review (Eric)
30:25 - "Blindspotting" review (replay from Sundance)
37:15 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
40:10 - This week's new DVDs, recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: B- B
The Equalizer 2: B n/a
Unfriended: Dark Web: C+ n/a
Blindspotting: B+ B+ (BS-approved!)
Direct download: MovieBS-414-07-23-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:12pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric is in Montreal for Fantasia Fest
2:40 - "Skyscraper" review
12:40 - "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" review (Bayer)
17:00 - Summer Box Office Challenge Update
21:55 - Fantasia Fest Report From Eric
50:00 - New on DVD, plus Jerry Lewis, Mission: Impossible, and A Quiet Place giveaways
52:25 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Skyscraper: C C-
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation: NA C+

Fantasia Fest Reviews from Eric:
Night Eats the World: B+
Tales From the Hood 2: B
Boiled Angels: The Trails of Mike Diana: B+
Relaxer: B+
The Scythian: B

Direct download: MovieBS-413-07-16-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:22pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we were off last week but now we are on; here's an iTunes review
3:10 - "Ant-Man and the Wasp" review
11:20 - "The First Purge" review
20:10 - "Sicario: Day of the Soldado" review
26:00 - "Uncle Drew" review (Snider)
32:20 - Eric saw the Mr. Rogers documentary and agrees with Jeff that you will love it
33:10 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
36:40 - This week's DVDs include "A Quiet Place" (which an Agent can win); continued giveaways on the "Mission: Impossible" set and the Jerry Lewis 10-movie set
38:45 - Our favorite movies from the first half of 2018
40:50 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Ant-Man and the Wasp: B B
The First Purge: C+ D
Sicario: Day of the Soldado: D+ C
Uncle Drew: C n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-412-07-09-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:09pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, sorry for the first four minutes of terrible audio
3:40 - "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" review
27:00 - "The Catcher Was a Spy" review
33:20 - "Tag" review (Snider)
41:10 - Summer Box Office Challenge Update
47:00 - New on DVD, plus Jerry Lewis & Mission: Impossible giveaways
51:00 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: C- D
The Catcher Was a Spy: C A-
Tag: C+

Direct download: Movie_BS_-_62518_1.57_PM.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:16pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Jeff's still in Iowa, morale is low, golf dads
4:40 - "Incredibles 2" review
15:30 - "Hereditary" review
26:40 - "The Seagull" review
30:10 - "Won't You Be My Neighbor" review (Jeff)
35:00 - "SuperFly" review (Eric)
39:50 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
44:45 - If you're in Portland, check out Hollywood Theatre's 70mm series
46:40 - This week's DVDs include "The Death of Stalin," then the recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Incredibles 2: B- B
Hereditary: A A (BS-approved!)
The Seagull: B B
Won't You Be My Neighbor? n/a B+
SuperFly B- n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-410-06-18-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:03pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Jeff is in Iowa, an update on last week's iTunes review
3:25 - "Ocean's Eight" review
12:50 - "Hotel Artemis" review
20:50 - "Hereditary" is open, and you should see it, but we're not going to fully review it till next week
25:20 - "Hearts Beat Loud" review
31:15 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
33:10 - This week's DVDs
35:00 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Ocean's Eight: B B
Hotel Artemis: B- B-
Hearts Beat Loud: B+ A
Direct download: MovieBS-409-06-11-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:02pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we were guests on a bonus episode of '80s All Over
3:20 - iTunes review
5:00 - "Action Point" review
13:50 - "Upgrade" review
21:40 - Jeff brings up poker for some reason
22:30 - "Adrift" review (Eric)
28:00 - This week's DVDs
30:25 - Summer Box Office Challenge update (it was a bye week)
32:15 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Action Point: C+ D+
Upgrade: B+ B+ (BS-approved!)
Adrift: C n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-408-06-04-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:22pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, and we hope you're enjoying your 3-day weekend
1:20 - "Solo: A Star Wars Story" review
21:50 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
25:00 - "On Chesil Beach" review
33:55 - This week’s DVDs, including a giveaway for Agents of “Red Sparrow”
35:50 - "RBG" review (Snider)
39:50 - Jeff rewatched "Spider-Man: Homecoming"; Eric rewatched "The Last Jedi"
43:00 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Solo: A Star Wars Story: B- B-
On Chesil Beach: B B

Direct download: MovieBS-407-05-28-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:51pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Eric's car keeps getting pooped on (by birds)
4:20 - "Deadpool 2" review
15:00 - "Book Club" review
25:30 - "Measure of a Man" review
30:50 - "Revenge" review
35:50 - Summer Box Office Challenge update
37:20 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway for Agents of "Red Sparrow"
38:40 - Ali Wong's "Hard Knock Wife" (on Netflix) is a very funny companion piece to "Tully"
41:30 - Eric wrote a thing about not going to press screenings anymore
42:25 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Deadpool 2: B B
Book Club: D+ B-
Measure of a Man: C+ C+
Revenge: B B
Direct download: MovieBS-406-05-21-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:55pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, iTunes Review and "Road House"
3:45 - "Life of the Party" review
14:50 - "Breaking In" review
18:00 - This week’s DVDs, and we’re giving away a 40th anniversary edition of “Grease” that includes a commemorative jacket and nail polish. Agents have till 5/16 to enter.
22:30 - Streaming recommendations on Netflix and Hulu 
28:50 - Summer Box Office Challenge Update
30:20 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Life of the Party: B+ B-
Breaking In: C+

Direct download: MovieBS-405-05-14-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, here is an iTunes review
2:35 - "Tully" review
13:10 - "Overboard" review (Snider)
19:20 - "Bad Samaritan" review (Snider)
25:15 - Summer Box Office Challenge is off to a limp start (but Eric is winning)
27:00 - We watched "The Lost Boys" on Netflix (and also part of the "The Week Of" starring Adam Sandler)
36:30 - This week's DVDs, and we're giving away a 40th anniversary edition of "Grease" that includes a commemorative jacket and nail polish. Agents have till 5/16 to enter.
39:30 - Recap and good day
REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff): 
Tully: B+ A (BS-approved)
Overboard: C n/a
Bad Samaritan: C+ n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-404-05-07-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:39pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we're back and we'll be doing the Summer Box Office Challenge
1:45 - iTunes review
3:30 - "Avengers: Infinity War" review
19:30 - "I Feel Pretty" review
27:10 - "Super Troopers 2" review
32:30 - "You Were Never Really Here" review
37:35 - Summer Box Office Challenge Draft (2018 Edition)
57:30 - The Stakes of the Summer Box Office Challenge
1:00:50 - Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Avengers: Infinity War: B- B+
I Feel Pretty: C C
Super Troopers 2: B- C-
You Were Never Really Here: B+ B-

Direct download: MovieBS-403-04-30-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:58pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, pay your taxes, here's an iTunes review
3:55 - "Rampage" review
20:00 - "Truth or Dare" review (Snider)
26:15 - This week's DVDs, and a giveaway for Agents of the "Grease" 40th anniversary edition, and discussion of an obscure 1980s home video technology
32:00 - We travel through time back to this week in 1999
40:45 - Recap, no show next week, some preliminary talk of this year's Summer Box Office Challenge rules
Rampage: C+ C-
Truth or Dare: C n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-402-04-16-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:03pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we've begun the second half of our 800-episode community service
2:50 - iTunes review
4:40 - "Blockers" review
16:00 - Jeff has an existential crisis about his grading scale
18:20 - "A Quiet Place" review
33:20 - "Chappaquiddick" review (Snider)
40:10 - "Acrimony" review (Snider), with the Nicholas Sparks Rule in play (which means we reveal the entire plot)
58:30 - This week's DVDs and streaming recommendations
1:02:30 - Recap (including our MVPs) and good day


Blockers: B C
A Quiet Place: B+ A
Chappaquiddick: B- n/a
Acrimony: D n/a

Direct download: MovieBS-401-04-09-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, it's our 400th episode AND our eighth anniversary!
5:10 - "Ready Player One" review
23:35 - "Isle of Dogs" review
28:45 - "7 Days in Entebbe" review (Snider)
33:00 - More discussion of why "RPO" didn't work for us
35:30 - This week's DVDs and some streaming recommendations
44:20 - Jeff's nephew was in town, they watched some movies
46:00 - Recap and good day
Ready Player One: C 6/10
Isle of Dogs: C 9/10
7 Days in Entebbe: C n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-400-04-02-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:09pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, Jeff dooms the show to failure
1:20 - "Pacific Rim Uprising" review
8:40 - "The Death of Stalin" review
15:30 - "Sherlock Gnomes" review (Snider), and then what could happen to Michael Caine next
19:00 - "Flower" review (Bayer)
21:50 - "Unsane" review (Snider) 
26:00 - This week's DVDs are "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and "The Last Movie Star," leading to a discussion of Burt Reynolds and "Star Wars"
28:10 - How the listeners feel about the new schedule, with ideas for improvements including a Spanish episode
30:50 - What'd You Watch? ("Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice"), with discussion of separate beds and Jeff's casino plans with his nephew
36:40 - Recap and good day
Pacific Rim Uprising: C 5/10
The Death of Stalin: A- 9/10
Sherlock Gnomes: C n/a
Flower: n/a 7/10
Unsane: B- n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-399-03-26-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:05pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, we have March Madness
2:20 - "Tomb Raider" review
13:00 - "Thoroughbreds" review
20:45 - "I Can Only Imagine" review (Snider)
26:25 - "Love, Simon" review (Snider)
34:10 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "Downsizing"
36:00 - What'd You Watch? ("LEGO DC Superheroes: The Flash" and "The Plague Dogs")
41:55 - Recap and good day
Tomb Raider: C+ 4/10
Thoroughbreds: B+ 7/10
I Can Only Imagine: B- n/a
Love, Simon: B n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-398-03-19-2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:32pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, it is Monday, here are the movies
2:20 - "A Wrinkle in Time" review 
15:10 - "Gringo" review (Bayer)
18:20 - "The Strangers: Prey at Night" review (Snider)
22:00 - "Submission" review (Bayer)
25:40 - "The Hurricane Heist" review (Snider)
33:30 - We rediscovered "The House," the Ferrell/Poehler/Mantzoukas joint from last year
40:40 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "The Disaster Artist" to an Agent, and also much discussion of corn
46:10 - Recap and good day
Direct download: MovieBS-397-03-12-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, the show is on Mondays now!
6:05 - Eric won Oscar Bowling, and the Oscars were nice
14:00 - "Red Sparrow" review
19:20 - "The Party" review
23:10 - "Death Wish" review (Snider only)
27:20 - MOTM: "Wild at Heart" (1990)
36:40 - This week's DVDs, plus a giveaway of "Darkest Hour" for Agents
39:45 - Recap and good day
Red Sparrow: C 7/10
The Party: B 7/10
Death Wish: C
Direct download: MovieBS-396-03-05-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, it's wintertime in Portland
3:50 - "Annihilation" review
14:50 - "Game Night" review
26:40 - "The Cloverfield Paradox" review, with discussion of seeing movies on Netflix vs at theaters
37:40 - Snider catches up with "Fifty Shades Freed"
41:10 - Bayer catches up with "Early Man"
43:00 - Snider catches up with "Peter Rabbit"
45:20 - Don't forget Movie of the Month, "Wild at Heart," which we'll be discussing next week
46:20 - Don't forget Oscar Bowling for next Sunday, leading to a funny story about seeing "Bodied" at PIFF last week, and racism, and YouTube
56:20 - New DVDs this week include "The Florida Project" and "Coco"
57:30 - Recap and good day
"Annihilation": B+ 7/10
"Game Night": B+ 8/10
"The Cloverfield Paradox": B- 6/10
"Fifty Shades Freed": D 4/10
"Early Man": n/a 6/10
"Peter Rabbit": B- 5/10
Direct download: MovieBS-395-02-23-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, Jeff signed up for MoviePass
4:10 - "Black Panther" review
22:45 - "Fifty Shades Freed" review (Bayer only)
29:20 - "The 15:17 to Paris" review (Snider only)
32:50 - "Peter Rabbit" review (Bayer only)
36:50 - Eric reports on last weekend's Oxford (Mississippi) Film Festival, including "The Last Movie Star," "Cop Chronicles: Loose Cannons: The Legend of Haj-Mirage," and "Mohawk"
49:25 - This week's DVDs are "Wonder" and "Roman J. Israel Esq."
51:10 - The Portland International Film Festival begins this weekend, has some good stuff
55:00 - This month's Agent giveaways and Jeff's TSR Movie Awards, which already set somebody off
1:00:50 - Recap and good day
"Black Panther": B 7/10
"Fifty Shades Freed": n/a 4/10
"The 15:17 to Paris": C n/a
"Peter Rabbit": n/a 5/10
Direct download: MovieBS-394-02-16-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, we're back from Sundance but here's a little more about Sundance, plus a Dogcat cameo
4:10 - Not much happening this weekend because of the Super Bowl
6:10 - "Hostiles" review
17:40 - Eric catches up with "The Greatest Showman" 
21:40 - "12 Strong" review (Snider only)
25:20 - "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" review (Snider only) 
30:00 - Talking about that movie evolves into a discussion of MoviePass and nice theaters, of which both Eric is a fan
33:50 - Jeff watched "Lady Bird" with his wife
35:30 - We're giving away a few novels to Agents
38:00 - Movie of the Month: "The Howling" (1981)
48:20 - Next month's MOTM is "Wild Heart" (1990)
50:10 - This week's DVDs
51:10 - No show next week, recap and good day
Hostiles: B 8/10
12 Strong: B- n/a
Maze Runner: The Death Cure: B- n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-393-02-02-2018.mp3
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From the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
0:00 - We met some listeners
1:35 - "Assassination Nation" review
8:20 - "Sorry to Bother You" review
14:20 - "Hereditary" review
26:10 - Final summary of Sundance 2018
Assassination Nation: B- 5/10
Sorry to Bother You: B 7/10
Hereditary: A- 9/10 (BS-approved)
Direct download: MovieBS-392.4-01-25-2018.mp3
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From the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
0:00 - "Clara's Ghost" review
6:10 - "Ophelia" review
14:35 - "Arizona" review (Snider)
18:20 - "You Were Never Really Here" review (Bayer)
20:40 - "The Happy Prince" review (Snider)
23:30 - "White Fang" review (Bayer)
26:50 - Miscellaneous chatter and plans and good day
Clara's Ghost: B- 7/10
Ophelia: B 7/10
Arizona: C+
You Were Never Really Here: 6/10
The Happy Prince: C
White Fang: 7/10
Direct download: MovieBS-393.3-01-23-2018.mp3
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From the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
0:00 - "An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn" review
7:10 - "Leave No Trace" review
15:50 - "Mandy" review (Snider)
19:20 - "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot" review (Bayer)
22:30 - "Beast" review (Snider)
25:25 - "Hearts Beat Loud" review (Bayer)
An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn D 3/10
Leave No Trace A- 8/10
Mandy: B-
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot: 7/10
Beast: B-
Hearts Beat Loud: 10/10
Direct download: MovieBS-392.2-01-21-2018.mp3
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From the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
0:00 - Hello, this is our Sundance report
1:00 - "Blindspotting" review
7:50 - "Private Life" review
17:20 - "The Guilty" review (Snider)
19:55 - "Half the Picture" review (Bayer)
22:25 - "American Animals" review (Snider)
26:05 - "The Long Dumb Road" review (Bayer)
29:50 - "Night Comes On" review (Snider), with a cameo by Vince @filmdrunk Mancini
33:40 - "Juliet, Naked" review (Bayer)
37:20 - We're enjoying ourselves so far, Eric met a listener whom we'd previously made fun of, and the drama Jeff was hoping for did not materialize
Blindspotting B+ 8/10
Private Life B 7/10
The Guilty: B+
Half the Picture: 6/10
American Animals: B
The Long Dumb Road: 7/10
Night Comes On: B
Juliet, Naked: 8/10
Direct download: MovieBS-392.1-01-20-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, we're at Sundance but this isn't a Sundance show (yet)
1:30 - "Phantom Thread" review
11:45 - "Den of Thieves" review
19:00 - "Forever My Girl" review (Snider only)
23:00 - "The Greatest Showman" review (Bayer only)
26:00 - "Proud Mary" review (Snider only)
29:35 - We have reached a milestone
30:45 - Bayer and young Dylan saw "Paddington 2"; it is retroactively BS-approved; also some talk of the "Isle of Dogs" trailer
36:00 - A few Sundance movies (and roommate drama) that we're looking forward to
47:30 - Reminder to our Agents that we're giving away some big heavy books; this week's DVDs
49:00 - Recap and good day
Phantom Thread: B+ 9/10 (BS-approved)
Den of Thieves: C+ 6/10
Forever My Girl: C n/a
The Greatest Showman: n/a 5/10
Proud Mary: C+ n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-392-01-19-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Greetings, we make our occasional pathetic plea for iTunes reviews
1:15 - "The Commuter" review
10:30 - "Paddington 2" review (Snider only, and he gives Bayer grief for it)
16:15 - "Proud Mary" wasn't screened (boo); Eric has updated thoughts on "The Post"
18:30 - This week's DVDs
20:40 - We're giving away these big movie-art books to Agents
22:45 - We play a round of Pitch Me, where everyone's a winner
32:20 - Jeff is going/will have gone to the Critics Choice Awards with his mom, expect hilarity
34:50 - Recap and good day 
The Commuter: B- 6
Paddington 2: B+ -
Direct download: MovieBS-391-01-12-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Happy new year! We're going to tell you our top 10 lists
2:30 - Our top 10 lists
33:30 - Some other movies we liked in 2017
35:30 - Your favorite movies of last year
37:30 - The good things that happened to you last year
42:15 - Movie of the Month: "Stakeout" (1987), which we found, uh, problematic. Next month: "The Howling" (1981)
52:50 - New DVDs this week ("American Made," "Battle of the Sexes," "Brad's Status," "Breathe"), and we're giving an Agent a big book: "Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film"
55:00 - The B.S.-approved movies from last year, recap and good day
Jeff Bayer's top 10 list:
1 Raw
2 Star Wars: The Last Jedi
3 Wonder
4 Get Out
5 I, Tonya
6 Dunkirk
7 Lady Bird
8 Logan
9 Phantom Thread
10 Professor Marston and the Wonder Women
Eric D. Snider's top 10 list:
1 Dunkirk
2 Call Me by Your Name
3 Stronger
4 A Ghost Story
5 mother!
6 Baby Driver
7 Get Out
8 Lady Bird
9 Raw
10 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 
Direct download: MovieBS-390-01-05-2018.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, we had a nice Christmas (probably)
3:00 - "All the Money in the World" review
13:45 - "The Post" review
22:15 - "Molly's Game" review
32:20 - Don't forget the Questions of the Week: What was your favorite movie of 2017? And what's something good that happened to you in 2017? 
33:10 - New DVDs (not much) 
36:15 - Recap and good day
All the Money in the World C+ 5/10
The Post B 8/10
Molly's Game B 8/10
Direct download: MovieBS-389-12-29-2017.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:43pm PDT

0:00 - Hello, here is what we're doing for our Christmases
6:00 - "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" review
16:50 - "Pitch Perfect 3" review
27:30 - "Downsizing" review
36:00 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "Stronger"
40:25 - A question of the week: What was your favorite movie of 2017? And also, what was one good thing that happened in your life in 2017? So, two questions. Then the recap and good day
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle B 8/10
Pitch Perfect 3 C 4/10
Downsizing B+ 8/10 (BS-approved!)
[audio src="" options="controls" format="mp3"]
Direct download: MovieBS-388-12-22-2017.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, there's a new "Star Wars" movie so let's get to it!
1:00 - "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" review
21:25 - "Ferdinand" review (Snider only)
27:15 - "Darkest Hour" review
37:25 - An update on the thing Patreon screwed up, which is fixed now
39:50 - New DVDs this week, including an Agent giveaway of "Home Again" with Reese Witherspoon
42:10 - Recap and good day
Star Wars: The Last Jedi: A- 10/10 (BS-approved!)
Darkest Hour: B+ 8/10 (BS-approved)
Ferdinand: C n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-387-12-15-2017.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:44am PDT

0:00 - Hello, it's weird there aren't any big wide releases
2:55 - "I, Tonya" review
19:10 - More complaining about the release schedule
20:10 - "BPM" review (Snider only)
23:20 - Bayer catches up on "American Made," "Stronger," and "Wonderstruck," which Snider reviewed previously
28:15 - "The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)" review (Bayer only)
31:00 - Some Patreon business, plus we'll have some cool prizes for Agents next month
34:00 - MOTM: "Grave of the Fireflies" (1988)
43:00 - Next month's MOTM is "Stakeout" (1987)
45:00 - DVDs include "Despicable Me 3" and "Better Watch Out"; we're giving away two copies of "Better Watch Out" to Agents; recap and good day
American Made - 8/10
Stronger - 9/10
Wonderstruck - 8/10
Meyerowitz 7/10
I, Tonya: B+ 9/10
BPM: B n/a
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected): n/a 7/10
Direct download: MovieBS-386-12-08-2017.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, it's the holidays, here's an iTunes review
2:20 - "The Disaster Artist" review
21:30 - "The Shape of Water" review, ending Jeff getting owned
33:45 - "Call Me by Your Name" review
44:15 - Movie of the Month, "Grave of the Fireflies," is postponed till next week
45:20 - This week's DVDs are so-so, but we have a giveaway for one lucky agent: DVD/Blu-ray and CD soundtrack of this year's live-action "Beauty and the Beast"
47:30 - Recap and good day
The Disaster Artist: B+ 9/10 (BS-approved!)
The Shape of Water: A- 8/10 (BS-approved!)
Call Me by Your Name: A- 8/10 (BS-approved!)
Direct download: MovieBS-385-12-01-2017_1.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, an iTunes review, it just was or perhaps almost is Thanksgiving
5:05 - "Coco" review 
10:20 - "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" review
28:30 - "The Man Who Invented Christmas" review (Snider only), and talk of Scrooge in movies
35:30 - New DVDs, including a giveaway of "The Hitman's Bodyguard," recap and good day
Coco: B+ 8/10 (BS-approved!)
Three Billboards...: A- 9/10 (BS-approved)
The Man Who Invented Christmas: B n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-384-11-24-2017.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, we recorded a "Back to the Future" commentary
3:20 - An iTunes review, segueing into despair at the state of things
6:10 - "Justice League" review
22:40 - "Lady Bird" review
32:00 - We impose Senate rules to get through the next reviews quickly
32:45 - "Wonder" review (Snider only)
34:45 - "The Star" review (Snider only)
37:45 - "Only the Brave" review (Bayer only)
39:45 - "Murder on the Orient Express" review (Snider only) 
43:00 - This week's DVDs: "Atomic Blonde," "Brigsby Bear," "Wind River" (a copy of which an Agent can win)
44:40 - Reminder that the Movie of the Month is "Grave of the Fireflies," recap and good day
Justice League: C+ 6/10
Lady Bird: A- 9/10 (BS-approved!)
Wonder: B n/a
The Star: B- n/a
Only the Brave: n/a 8/10
Murder on the Orient Express: C+ n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-383-11-17-2017.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, it's November, here is an iTunes review with some constructive criticism
4:40 - "Thor: Ragnarok" review
18:20 - "Wonderstruck" review (Snider only)
24:45 - Movie of the Month: "The Great Dictator" (1940)
34:40 - Next month's MOTM: "Grave of the Fireflies" (1988)
36:00 - Nothing good on DVD this week, but we're giving away a copy of last week's "War for the Planet of the Apes" to an Agent (email us to enter) 
37:40 - "A Bad Moms Christmas" review
41:30 - No show next week (Bayer's fault), recap and good day
Thor: Ragnarok: B 7/10
Wonderstruck: A- n/a
A Bad Moms Christmas: D 2/10
Direct download: MovieBS-382-11-03-2017.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, Dylan's Halloween costume, an iTunes review, Jeff's "giggle water"
6:50 - "Goodbye Christopher Robin" review
20:00 - "Suburbicon" review (sadly, not "Subunicorn")
30:10 - "All I See Is You" review (Snider only)
34:40 - This week's DVDs
36:10 - Reminder about our MOTM, "The Great Dictator," which we'll discuss on next week's show, then recap and good day
Goodbye Christopher Robin: B 7/10
Suburbicon: B- 5/10
All I See Is You: C n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-381-10-27-2017.mp3
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0:00 - Hello, a story of a sick child (Jeff's)
6:30 - iTunes review
8:20 - There are five wide releases, of which FOUR did not screen for critics here
12:45 - "The Florida Project" review
24:00 - "The Snowman" review (Snider only), in which the Nicholas Sparks rule is applied and we reveal the entire plot
35:15 - "Breathe" review (Snider only), ending with brief discussion of Andy Serkis' upcoming "Jungle Book" movie
41:35 - This week's DVDs, including a giveaway of "Girls Trip" on Blu-ray; recap and good day
The Florida Project: B+ 9/10 (BS-approved!)
The Snowman: D n/a
Breathe: B+ n/a
Direct download: MovieBS-380-10-20-2017.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:44pm PDT